On the back of the Hayes Family Portrait #25 (c1895) is printed: “Do you want some views of Washington Forrest (sic) scenes? If you do, remember that we have the best – having had five years experience making such pictures in all parts of the Puget Sound Country. From our large collection of negatives we have selected twelve of the best, which represent the largest trees, the highest trees, biggest logs, etc., etc., also the manner in which the trees are felled, sawed up, hauled out of the woods, and loaded on the car. Among this collection is a beautiful picture of the Snoqualmie Falls; also, one of Mount Rainier. All of them are the same as this one and can be had at the following prices: One, for 50 cents; three, for $1, seven for $2, twelve, for $3. Prepaid. Address: Kinsey & Kinsey, Official Artists S. & I. Ry., Snoqualmie, Wash.” 1/03