An Ox-drawn wagon with a man, woman and baby with baskets of vegetables is shown in front of farmstead entitled “On Their Way to Market” in the photo. Babe Dennis, who donated the photo, stated that it was given to him by Mose Udell who was supposedly in the photo, possibly the baby, however Mose was born in 1880 so unlikely. Another source identifies the man as Mose Udell and the baby as his sister, nicknamed “Snowball”, however Mose did not have a baby sister. Could be later (1905) with Mose and his wife, Lulu, and their baby, Leo. Or could be Mose’s parents, George and Frazeline Udell, with a younger sibling. The homestead was in the Woods Creek Valley northeast of Monroe. This photo was used as the source for the bronze sculpture on the Monroe Centennial Monument erected by the Tualco Grange in Lewis Street Park. 1/18

Henry A. (Babe) Dennis; 9/76; 5.5x3; O; CN3,7,10; F, T